Make the Packaging Part of the Present

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This unicorn gift box is seriously cute! It's now a fixture in my daughter's room. Thank you Gift Wrap Labs!

Inez Estrada

I purchased this for my Granddaughter who is four. She absolutely loved it! I would recommend it for any little girl near that age.

Joanne Harper

Great surprise for young girls. My daughter is 11 and was really happy with this giftbox.

Christy Gilbert

About our unicorn gift box


A better way to wrap gifts

Typical gift wrap—paper, ribbons, and bows—has not changed in a century. Guess which gift will get the most attention and generate the most excitement when one of them is disguised as a unicorn? 


Put gifts inside instead of using gift wrap

Fill the unicorn with clothes, toys, books, or whatever you like. Stuffed animals are extra fun!


Make them happier, longer

Kids love it when they realize it's more than just a unicorn. Plus, they'll keep this gift box well beyond the event.